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Long distance routes

Guadiana Nature Trail

At the banks of the Guadiana River.

Cáceres – Barruecos Circuit

Delve deep into a unique, natural setting: the Los Barruecos Natural Monument.

Cáceres – Badajoz Nature Trail

Various areas of special protection for birds make up of this trail.

Tagus Nature Trail

At the banks of the Tagus River

Geopark Crossing

History and culture are joined on a trail that travels through Las Villuercas.

Villuercas - Vegas del Guadiana Green Route Nature Trail

A trail that covers the east of the region and takes cyclists deep into the Geology Park of Extremadura.

Cáceres – Tagus Nature Trail Link

This trail allows you to discover the biodiversity and beauty of Llanos de Cáceres and Sierra de Fuentes.


Discover the La Serena region atop a mountain bike.